The Ivybridge Scoring Machine  
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What is a Scoring Machine?
The Ivybridge Scoring Machine allows several judges to have individual keypads to mark images with. The marks are automatically added up to produce a score for the image, and for inter-club competitions the scores for each club are accumulated. This frees the judges from scoring sheets or hold-up cards and reduces the organisational overhead for the host club. Marking sheets are exportable, should they still be desired for the audience, and all results are exportable too.

Scoring machines are often used for federation-level competitions and for PAGB awards etc. At local club level they are not so common, mainly because judges have to be recruited from out-of-area and recruiting multiple judges is expensive and time consuming, so multiple judges are not often used or required

If you have already read this elsewhere, see foot of this page for ordering details.

What’s special about the Ivybridge Scoring Machine?
A special feature of the Ivybridge Scoring Machine is that it allows judges to be recruited from the clubs participating in the competition. Thus there is no cost or time overhead for the host club and this style of competition is very easy to run. Of course, independent judges may also be recruited as normal, and the Scoring Machine can also be used for any type of multiple-judge event such as normal inter-club events, Salon or Adjudications.

The Ivybridge Scoring Machine is a software device and runs on a personal computer. It does not need any special hardware and uses off-the shelf numeric keypads available in UK stores at less than £10. This makes it attractive for small clubs, for a range of competition styles. There is no DIY construction needed, merely a little minor external alteration to the keypads.

Where the images are digitally projected, the projection computer may also be able to run the Scoring Machine. (Dual-screen operation needed - most laptops have this already.)

A further option of the Ivybridge Scoring Machine is a ‘Tidemark’ scheme where judges may be encouraged to mark (on average) near an optimal mark for the type of competition. A feature of self-judged competitions is that judges tend to mark lower than normal as they are always marking images belonging to competitors. The option works by redistributing ‘spare’ marks from low-scoring judges to other clubs, thus encouraging judges to not have 'spare' marks.

We are making the machine available to other clubs - see below.

In the South Hams area of Devon we’ve been holding a 4-way DPI battle that is extremely easy for clubs to hold and avoids some of the organisational overhead. The images are sent by email to the host club a week or so before the battle and are merely checked and put in semi-random order on a computer. On the night of the battle members from the participating clubs turn up and one member from each club becomes a judge for the competition. So there are four judges, but only three judges mark each image – Judges don’t mark their own club’s images. The marking judges thus see many of the images ‘fresh’ for the first time on the evening, and it behoves clubs to preferentially put in fresh images, which also makes for an interesting viewing experience. On the evening, the images are shown for the first time, but not marked, with plenty of time for the audience and judges to appreciate the images and make notes if they wish. After a break the images are shown again, this time marked by the judges and the individual s
cores announced. Finally, the club scores and top images are announced. Previously the four different type of marking sheets were added up and resolved by hand, but now the Scoring Machine does all this automatically.

With the introduction of the scoring machine there is even less to organise and the judges are free to concentrate simply on the marking. (Previously judges’ marking sheets were used.)

We’ve found this type of battle fun and easy to hold and it gets photographers together for an entertaining evening too. The 'Ivybridge' Scoring Machine should enable more clubs to easily organise similar events.


Some of the types of competition that may be held
Inter-club competitions with as many as 8 participating clubs. The judges may number from 2 to 5, recruited as ‘impartial’, generally out-of-area.

Inter-club competitions with judges recruited from participating clubs. In this case the number of clubs must be the same as the number of judges. From 2 to 5 clubs can take part.

Straight multiple-entrant competitions may be run as a one-club competition with from 2 to 5 judges. (Three is a good number for such). The result page shows a score for the whole club, not a lot of use for one club, but a spreadsheet report is available and this scores all the images. One click in Excel ranks them in order.

Self-judged club competitions may be made more fun by allocating as many as five members as judges and running the event as a multiple-entrant competition as described above. This is also useful if you don't have many judges to call on in your area

Adjudication of images often requires multiple judges and the straight one-club mode can be used for this type of event.

Salon scoring with up to five judges may be run in the one-club mode in batches of 200 images at a time.

Main features of the Ivybridge Scoring Machine

Updated Features List! (Oct 2011))
* Runs on a PC and simply needs a USB hub to connect the keypads
* The display is ‘chunky’ allowing all the judges to see one screen but still see what’s going on.
* Instruction video for judges' edification.
* Colour clues for judges: (Keypad acknowledged, Mark accepted)
* Marks may be displayed, concealed or momentarily displayed.
* Judges may be prompted to mark if desired.
* Judges are prohibited from marking their own clubs in Self-Judged competitions.
* 2 to 5 judges and 1 to 8 clubs.
* Marking range 1 to 10 or 2 to 5.
* Judges may ask for remark without issue and before score is announced.
* Image scores added automatically.
* Club scores added automatically.
* Top image scores recorded automatically.

* Image ‘sequence’ may be loaded manually or from a spreadsheet.
* Club placing and scores screen available immediately competition is completed.
* Image placing and scores screen available immediately competition is completed.
* Reports for image marks, club scores, top images and image sequence.
* Automatic backup of marks as every image is scored.

* Full help menu structure with instructions.

David Rayner, the Machine designer, is making the machine available to other clubs - see below.

Download a PDF specification for the Scoring Machine New! Version 1.17
Download a trial version of the Scoring Machine (limited to 20 images)
Testing may be carried out on the computer keyboard (without keypads)
New! Version 1.17
Play the judges' instruction video on YouTube
A full-resolution 96MB video is supplied on the CD, but not with the trial version download.
What's in the latest Scoring Machine version?

How to get the full specification version
Simply fill in the contact form below. I will then send you a PayPal invoice for £35. When it’s paid (you can do this from a PayPal account or by credit card), I’ll email you a zip file with the full version licensed to you. If you are buying on behalf of your club, please make sure you send me the full name of the club for licensing reasons. If you'd like a CD with the video included please include your full postal address.

Contact Form
Or you may email me directly at: